Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Third Variable: Time & Friendship

Friends, who needs them?

    Here I was thinking that I had dumped this poor kid Manny all those years ago, that I had ruptured his ego and underneath that player facade was the sweet (if I a little creepy) boy I had known in the lifetime ago of middle school.

Well, APPARENTLY I was mistaken, because the cocky and infinitesimally self absorbed creature that stood adjacent to me was not in fact, Manny the Muncher. He was, low and behold, Matthew (can you believe I never knew his name) the ASS, who’s gifts ranged from baby making to heart breaking, and every other pursuit in between.

Suffice is to say that people aren’t stories and they aren’t fictional.

    Take this moment for example.
If my life was somehow an elaborate story, then at this moment Manny or I would say something witty, followed by a laugh. We would then hug tightly and reflect on all our happy days in the younger years.
    After our friendship was rekindled, Manny and I would continue to  persue or relationship until one day - oh wonder of wonders - we kissed (he kisses me) and then we get married yada yada yada......

Only I don’t speak, and my  eyes never leave his.

His eyes wander away until he’s looking directly behind me, and I flip around to find this ridiculously pretty blonde chick standing behind me in a -cough cough- revealing outfit.

Can anyone say A-W-K-W-A-R-D?

“Um... do you mind?”

His voice echoed through the caverns of the Point, bouncing and vibrating in the air until it returned in a shadowy, ghost-like form.

There was an expression of utter annoyance in his stance, as if somehow, I was the one who a had just single handedly (well, with a little help from the chick) demolished all good memory I had ever had of our ‘friendship.

It didn’t help that he was, at that moment, unbelievably attractive.

It seems to me that Manny-boy here had a little work done, or had he always had such effervescent hair? Was his face always so angelic? His mop of pimples (The Rash we had nicknamed it) had faded away, leaving smooth tanned skin behind it.

Needless, to say, the kid was hot.

To make a not-so-long story immensely shorter I was kicked out of The Point and The Point.

    I never plan to return.

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  1. I really like your story, I find it very interesting, and I want to know more about that guy and her. Please upload more soon, you should upload this on Wattpad, making it easier for me to read it. Im AbiiTastic, the one who did your cover.,.. anywya... upload please...


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