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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Second Variable: Thought

So there’s this kid I used to know. For all intents and purposes, let’s refer to him as ‘Manny.’ Now, when I was around ten or eleven, this kid Manny used to follow my around school like a rodent. Literally. When looking for me, one could always count on .”Manny the Muncher” to be close behind on my heel. This remained cute for about 3 months, and then I decided that my ‘social life’ was going through a ‘ recession’ because of Manny’s ‘friendship.’ At least, that’s what I told Manny when I broke the news to him, poor kid.

Now, I bring this up because Manny has recently become very popular amongst the ladies, and it’s got me wondering what exactly I’d given up way back in the Stone Age of the 6th grade.

I guess what brought this on was seeing him on Thursday by The Point by The Point.

This is something that I probably should have explained in more detail, but basically The Point by The Point is a special spot that only a couple people know about, which is located within a more popular  area named The Point.

Anyway, all the kids who don’t listen to the radio usually sit around there and act depressed, but on this particular Thursday no one was around. I guess everyone besides me was feeling pretty good.

Walking along the rocky waters, I’m getting a grasp of life and figuring out the purpose of my existence when I hear this INSANE bird squeaking away like it’s singing or something.

I’m not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, I want to strangle this bird because how dare it interrupt my soul searching thoughts. Then again, the Universe might possibly be trying to communicate a message to me my sending down this possessed creature to lead me to a life of peace. Like in the lion king. Hukuna ma tata and such.

All this thinking is depressing, but I’m not sure why,  which is also depressing, so I sit down before I completely baffle myself and end up leaving worse than I was before.

I sit there trying not to think and be so utterly arcane, which as you can imagine is quite difficult for me, so imagine my surprise to see non other than Manny standing right infront of me. As if he had been summoned by my mere thoughts, as he had been all those years ago.

But yeah, it was a real ‘kick in the teeth.’

(La La)

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